“Stop comparing! Stand out!”

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On Saturday 23 September 2017 I went to the National PhD Day, this time in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. And the theme was “Dare to stand out!” It was a fantastic day, lots of inspiration, motivation and stuff to think about. I will highlight some parts that made me think or motivate. “Position PhD candidates becomes worse” First, the ‘Promovendi Netwerk… Read more »

Asking for feedback!

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Last week I asked the students from the course I am supervising to give me feedback on my supervision. I asked them to do so, not because I needed to do that, but because I wanted to do so. We also reflected on the group process, so – I thought – it is also fair to reflect on my own… Read more »

Over de Nachtwacht, de lokale bakker en SMARTnature

Wat hebben de Nachtwacht, de lokale bakker en SMARTnature nu eigenlijk met elkaar gemeen? Daar ga ik het hier over hebben, naar aanleiding van de inspirerende Innovatie en Kennis dag “Natuur/Natuurlijk Kapitaal” van het Ministerie van Economisch Zaken op donderdag 15 juni. En dat alles in en rond de het schitterende Kasteel Groeneveld in Baarn. Zo, dat was een mondvol…. Read more »

Your research matters!

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Connect with your public audiences and not only with your peers   Writing for a public audience asks for a mind shift for scholars: thinking in plain, simple, jargon free language and write that same plain, simple jargon free language. How to contribute to public understanding of your research, that is what this article is about. And also what Sara… Read more »