Asking for feedback!

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Last week I asked the students from the course I am supervising to give me feedback on my supervision. I asked them to do so, not because I needed to do that, but because I wanted to do so. We also reflected on the group process, so – I thought – it is also fair to reflect on my own supervision.

“You are never too old to learn”(!!)

It was also the first time I helped in the supervision of student groups in this particular course. I supervised two groups and also two completely different groups! They were completely different in groups processes, one more challenging for me then the other. So I was really curious how they reflected on my supervision. And I am glad I did so.

Now I know that one – personal – aim I had set is taken up, which was providing constructive feedback. Providing constructive feedback can help and stimulate them to move on. And it did, because they found it very hard to produce a poster – from scratch – with a group of 9-10 students they had never met before within 2,5 weeks (next to other courses and not to mention introduction-weeks etc). Tomorrow they present their research to their peers, and I am confident they do that well.

Although it is a little bit exciting to ask for feedback, I am happy with all comments, and it is really nice to receive – of course sincere – feedback which will let you ‘glow’ and ‘grow’!