Online Research Buddy Week

Online Research Buddy Week

“Find YOUR strategy for a constructive workflow”

That is what we aim for in the Online Research Buddy Week.

I write “we”, because that is what is  going to happen: you don’t need to do it alone! “We” are a group of motivated PhD students, Research Master students or other researchers who desperately want to write and want to continue but lack flow and strategy.

The Online Research Buddy Week can be described as a week in which you (re)discover how to keep focus on your research. In a week time, you get new energy, a new way of setting up your daily practices of writing and prevent procrastination. Together with a small group of other thesis-writers, you will step into this process. The week is online. With a closed online Facebook-community in which thoughts can be shared, victories celebrated and any troubles you come across articulated. I will also include an online conference session.

Are you curious?

Let me know! I can keep you posted about the progress and you will be the first to subscribe and don’t miss out, because I will work with small groups.

The Online Research Buddy Week groups and Research Buddy Walks are open for Dutch and English speaking people.

Are you interested? Sign in here to get notifications about the progress and the first launch of the Online Research Buddy Week! It would be great to meet you there and join forces to conduct your own ‘Research with a Bite’.

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